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Off in my own orbit, light years away from the humdrum and the generic, I source a collection of jewellery that you'll never find on any High Street, anywhere. I'm proud to work with an amazing bunch of independent designer makers worldwide, selecting their finest pieces, and having my own exclusive designs made to my exacting specifications. My obsessive complusion for perfection of form, detail and finish makes each new range a bit of a mission, but in my world only bang-on is good enough, and I believe that the results make all the extra effort well worth it. If you crave pigeon-holes and descriptions of style, try chunky, rock-inspired, arty and unconventional.

I stock a unique range of rings, chain-bracelets, bangles, and necklaces, including larger sizes than are usually available. In addition I sell pendants, a huge range of ear-studs and nose piercings, and all manner of body piercings. So, I'm sure you'll find the ideal adornment to express your own character when you visit Splatt! at Camden Lock Market, and at a way more reasonable price than you'd normally expect. And let's face it - if you're spending your hard-earned cash, you should be getting real quality and individuality in return.

Splatt Jewellery
Splatt Jewellery: Silver Skull Ring Splatt! Opening Times

SAT 11TH MAR - 10am - 5pm-ish (OUTSIDE)

SUN 12TH MAR - 10am - 5pm-ish (OUTSIDE)

MON 13TH MAR - closed

TUE 14TH MAR - closed

WED 15TH MAR - closed

THU 16TH MAR - closed

FRI 17TH MAR - closed

SAT 18TH MAR - 10am - 5pm-ish (OUTSIDE)

SUN 19TH MAR - 10am - 5pm-ish (OUTSIDE)

MON 20TH MAR - 10am - 5:45pm-ish (inside)

TUE 21ST MAR - 10am - 5:45pm-ish (inside)

WED 22ND MAR - 10am - 5:45pm-ish (inside)

THU 23RD MAR - 10am - 5:45pm-ish (inside)

FRI 24TH MAR - 10am - 5:45pm-ish (inside)

SAT 25TH MAR - 10am - 5pm-ish (OUTSIDE)

SUN 26TH MAR - 10am - 5pm-ish (OUTSIDE)


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